Coastal Cottages Cornwall

Coastal Cottages Cornwall

Coastal Path Walk

The Coastal Path runs directly in front of the self catering Coastal Cottages in Kemyel Wartha. The area has been designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty - a ramblers and nature lover’s paradise! From Burnt Toast self catering Coastal Cottage there is a choice of lovely scenic walks.

If you follow the footpath to the front of the property, there are two beautiful wooded walks to chose from that will take you down to Lamorna Cove. As well as the magnificent coastal views, rare flowers, foliage and wild orchids are in abundance. Due to the micro-climate of the area, Spring comes early to this part of Coastal Cornwall and the daffodils are a sight to behold. Just click here to see the springtime slideshow of the Lamorna area.

On the way down to Lamorna Cove there are a couple of view points where you can stand on the massive granite boulders – a relic of the granite quarrying from times gone by, and stop to rest and relax and just absorb the superb coastal views. The walk takes about 10 minutes and in the Cove you can visit the Tea Rooms, Gift Shop and harbor. Cottages Cornwall

Coastal Path

The picture to the right shows the view looking down on a pair of Coastal Cottages in Lamorna Cove. In times gone by granite was quarried around the Lamorna Cove and Lamorna Valley area, and as you can see from the slideshow, the relics of the granite quarry industry are plain to see. To give you an idea and taste of the wonderful sights you will see along the coastal path down to Lamorna Cove, just click here to see the slideshow of the Coastal Path walk.

The Lamorna Wink Inn

If you take the walk across the field to the right of the Coastal Cottages, another very pleasant walk is to head down the other Coastal wooded footpath leading to the famous 'Lamorna Wink' pub (see picture on the left). The pub is about 10 minutes away and on the way you will take in even more of the beautiful Coastal views and vistas as the path meanders down toward the Cove.

Mousehole Historic Fishing Village

If you head South East toward the sea, across the fields in front of the Coastal Cottages in Kemyel Wartha, you will join the Coastal path near the rocks of Carn Du. If you follow the path to the East, the historic fishing village of Moushole is only a short walk away (see picture bottom right).


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